[Writing Prompt] Farewell, my master

swords in the ground, farewell master.

Writing Prompt #3

“I never stood a chance, did I?”

“That’s the sad part- you did once.”

said the master as his favourite student laid in his arms, bleeding: bleeding to his death.

The fight to death combats was a popular entertainment in the kingdom. Many brave fighters had lost their lives in the ring over the year. And he was to be the next one.

The wound in his abdomen was fatal; he knew it the moment he was struck. He tried to silence his cry of pain, as he fell down on his knees. And now he laid there, ready to meet his maker.

He was lucky to be still breathing. Usually, the winner finished the job then and there. But his friend of 11 years had decided to let him say his final goodbyes, as a tribute to their friendship, if nothing more.

They both were boys of not more than 10 when they first met. They had trained together for years under the guidance of their master. And today they both stood there, fighting to be crowned the kingdom’s champion. But there will be no friendship in the ring today. In the ring, they were both each other’s nemesis, and only one of them will walk out of the ring today, as per the rules.

Their fight had been a fierce one. Both had beat many fighters to reach the final, and both had fought with everything today. Blows after blows were struck, and with each blow, the crowd cheered louder.

But as the fight went on, he started to struggle against his opponent’s aggression. He had already parry away the last three attacks, but not this one. As he blocked the attack on his face and moved his feet slightly back, the opponent pounced. And with a swift blow to the gut, doom fell on him.

“I’m sorry I failed you, Master.”

“Who said you failed? You reached the last round of this fight, you fought with bravery and honour, and now you must rest, my apprentice…”

“I didn’t mean today, Master. I have failed you by not fulfilling my potential. You are right, I once stood a chance, maybe better than my victor. I had the talent and your training, but somewhere down the road, I lost my way.”

“Let all that be forgotten now. You fought valiantly today, and that is all that matters. You have made me proud today. Be at peace now.”

“Farewell Master” is all he said as he closed his eyes for the last time.

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