Uses This

A list of all the hardware, software and more that I use to get things done. Inspired by Manas and Aditya.

Physical Products


  • Figma: Use for design and wireframe purposes. Love it despite the heavy system usage.
  • TickTick: Use it for managing personal tasks, both work + personal.
  • Obsidian: Use it for creating notes, and note down everything else. Great tabs and markdown support. Earlier used Notepad++.
  • Canva: Use it for all design and creative purposes. Along with Figma, the modern design suite for non-designers.
  • VS Code: For occasional code playing.
  • Microsoft Teams: For office communication and meetings. Somehow, works.
  • ShareX: Use it for taking and managing screenshots easily.
  • FIFA 22: Playing FIFA pretty much weekly for more than the last 14 years. Love.
  • CCleaner: For system maintenance and cleaning.
Chrome Extensions
  • uBlock Origin: Best and lightweight adblocker.
  • Bitwarden Password Manager: Use it for managing all the passwords across platforms.
  • OneTab: Use for managing multiple Chrome tabs for later use and performance optimation.
  • ColorZilla: For capturing colours from pages and images easily.
  • GoFullPage: Use it to capture the whole page as a PDF, or PNG easily.
  • Fonts Ninja: Makes it easy to extract font styles from a webpage.
Mobile Apps
  • Moon+ Reader Pro: Use it for reading ebooks. Has great text-to-speech support as well.
  • Google Keep: For making quick notes. Nice and easy.
  • Sofascore: For keeping up with Kardashians sports.
  • Google Podcasts: Use it for listening to podcasts.
  • YT Music: Use it for streaming music. Earlier used Spotify but this is good too.
  • Groww: For mutual funds, IPOs, etc.
  • Kite: For direct investments.
  • WazirX: For cryptos.
  • PhonePe & GPay: Use these for all UPI transactions interchangeably.
  • TOTP Authenticator: For managing 2FA on accounts. The first product I worked on in its early days ; )
  • Zepp Life (Mi Fit): Syncs up fitness data with my Mi Band.