Hidden Hour (Gurugram) Review: Put On Your Detective Hat

Hidden Hour Gurugram Review

How many times have you watched a detective/mystery movie or TV show and thought: “I could have figured that out.”? Well thanx to Hidden Hour (Gurugram), now you can!

Hidden Hour provides you with an experience of real life escape games. You and your friends are locked up in a room, with a simple goal: ESCAPE. Thankfully, you have various clues spread all around you, and you get one hour of time to figure out the clues and escape.

Currently, there are 2 different missions available:
1. Magic Show: A Treasure Hunt
2. Hijacked NCR Metro Bomb Defusal
Hidden Hour Gudgaon, missions of escape games.

Once you enter a mission, you and your friends are surrounded by clues, puzzles and riddles. With each clue found, each puzzle solved and each riddle answered, you move more and more towards your escape. And if you get stuck somewhere don’t worry, you get a number of tips/clues from the gamemasters.

This place is great for you to check your eye to detail and quick thinking. You have to work as a team with your mates and pay attention to everything, you never know where a clue is hidden.

How To Reach?

Hidden Hour is easily accessible by both Delhi Metro and by road. The place is situated at 2nd Floor, Near Lifestyle, MGF Metropolis Mall, M G Road, Gurugram. The place is just 2 minutes walking distance from MG Road station of Yellow Line of Delhi Metro. 

Hidden Hour Gurugram, How to play the real life escape game

If you love adventure and mystery, you won’t find many other better places to get your adrenaline rushing. These escape games are something you should experience at least once. Moreover, the fact that you solve these games with your friends, make them that much more fun.

I went there with a couple of my friends and had a blast. We took on the Magic Show challenge. We were so close to winning and escaping when the timer went off. (Sad, I know)

So Sherlock, gather all your John Watson(s) and head to Hidden Hour, Gurugram. You won’t be disappointed.

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